Not a Bum Anymore

I am officially NOT a bum anymore!! 😀  Today is my 1st day at my 1st full-time job.  I worked at this company for 3 coop work terms during my undergrad program (that’s a total of 1 year!).  Therefore, lots of familiar faces but new start!

When I was a coop student here, one word describes my experience….  “HECTIC”!!  I came in early & left late.  The accumulated hours of overtime probably equate to 1 month of work hours.  During my last 2-3 weeks of my 3rd term, I worked 15 hours each day.  But with this being said, I don’t have an ounce of regret working there.  I have met wonderful people, gained so much practical experiences, and even overcame some of my shyness.  The countless phone calls & interactions with people definitely gave me a boost of confidence.  I am forever grateful for all this.

I am ecstatic to start my full-time here.  It’s going to be quite a new experience though.  With my current supervisor going on maternity leave soon, I will be responsible for managing the coop student….I can’t believe I was “one of them” only a couple months ago.  Let’s hope I can manage myself first HAHA! 🙂

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