MEC Bikefest 2010

Yipee, another biking event.  Today is MEC Bikefest!!! It’s taking place in Liberty Village, Toronto.  This is an event about all things bicycles….workshops, bike vendors, group bike rides, test rides, and live bands.


I signed up for a group tour (Morning Pastry Ride) & 1 workshop (Commuting Basics).  The group departed for the Morning Pastry Ride at 10AM.  We rode to the Humber Bridge and back.  We were then treated to complimentary pastries & coffee.

The workshop was ….a bit too basic for me.  We covered items like correct helmet positions & basic bike necessities (ie. lights, bells).  I wished I signed up for workshops related to bike maintenance.  Luckily, we had leftover time & the instructor taught us how to change a flat tire.

I test-rode the MEC Origami, which is their folding bike.  I am not used to sitting upright on a bike (except for stationary bikes).  I was definitely not used to the feel of it.  I did enjoy its internal hub – quite smooth when changing gears.

It was a fun day.  If I’m coming back next year, I need to sign up for Bike Repair/Maintenance Workshops.  I need A LOT of help in this respect….I’m a bike noob afterall!

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