Tour of Port Credit

Today is TOPCA’s 1st Annual Cycling Tour of Port Credit in celebration of Port Credit’s 175th birthday!!  My bro & I headed out early to make a pit stop at Timmy’s to grab some breakfast.  I opted for a breakfast sandwich – cinnamon raisin bagel with egg & bacon.

The tour was a 20km cycling route around Port Credit for about 2 hours.  We had some pitstops for photos & discussions.  This was a good introduction of the waterfront trail for me since I would be biking on this path en route to work.  We rode by important landmarks, & public art including the infamous “Bicycle Planter Project” where old bikes were painted & placed on the streets of Port Credit (Visit TOPCA’s site for more information).

A community picnic was provided after the tour.  I brought my own lunch because I suspected they would only be offering baked goods.  Sure enough, they had gigantic cookies, butter tarts, & juice boxes.  This was a generous offer, however my tummy wasn’t at its best today after consuming the breakfast sandwich this morning.  So I ate my PB&J sandwich (& a strawberry that a fellow biker offered me).

My bro & I originally planned on biking home.  We ended up taking the bus because it started drizzling after we stopped by an ice cream store for a small frozen yogurt cup.  Once we got on the bus, however, the rain magically stopped.  Funny how these things always happen in life.

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