Bike to Work Day 2010

Today is quite an exciting day for me….I’m participating in my 1st cycling event.  It’s Bike to Work Day!!!


Well technically speaking, it’s just Bike-to-Living-Arts-Centre Day for me since I am still unemployed 😦  While everyone was in their suits & work clothes, I was wearing my casual top & sweat pants – HAHA

My brother & I rode to Riverwood Park & arrived at 7:30AM to gather for a 5.3km group ride to Living Arts Centre.  We were the last ones to arrive for the 2nd group of people to depart.  We were escorted by police as we neared our destination!!  Once we arrived at Living Arts, we were treated to a Pancake breakfast.  I had 2 pancakes, some scramble eggs, a banana, & coffee.  So generous…this was a free event too!!  There was a demo showing people how to use the newly implemented bike racks on the Mississauga Transits.  The instructions were simple – even I could follow it.

After Mayor Hazel made her speech, I rode back home.

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